Commercial refrigeration

Reliable refrigeration units are essential for businesses that display or store chilled and frozen foods. At J & H Commercial Services, we supply, install and service the following:

Not sure which type is the most suited to your premises? Our refrigeration technicians can complete a site inspection and discuss the features that best suit the needs of your business.

The following tips can be used to guide you through the buying process:

Size requirements

How much stock do you have on-hand? If your business grows, have you made an allowance for additional space? Where do you intend on getting your refrigeration system installed? Does it need to be easily accessible?

Energy efficiency

An energy efficient model may cost you more initially, but the long-term savings on your electricity bills can make it a worthwhile investment choice. The energy rating is therefore an important factor to consider when comparing the different types of refrigeration choices.

Quality Brand

Reliability is key for any business owner purchasing refrigeration equipment. Food spoilage and regular breakdowns can be extremely costly, not to mention an unwelcome interruption to the smooth operation of your business. At J & H Commercial Services we only supply brands that we trust for optimal performance, including Williams, Skope and Manitowoc.


Does the majority of your stock need to be visible to customers? If so, display fridges and freezers are essential. If you have a large amount of stock that needs to be stored, a freezer or cool room may be more suitable. Many businesses find that they require a combination of the two, as well as additional products such as ice machines, depending on the type of business you are running.

In addition to installations, we also provide 24-hour breakdown services, preventative maintenance and general repairs to existing units.